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Under #ACA, Medical Bankruptcy Continues

As recently as 1981, only 8 percent of families filing for bankruptcy cited medical reasons. By 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed, medical bankruptcy was all-to-common. A 2009 study by Himmelstein et al, published in The American Journal of Medicine, revealed that 62.1% of all bankruptcies had a medical cause. Telephone interviews identified 639 […]

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Ryan’s Medicare Overhaul

Ryan’s Medicare Overhaul: Would it increase the rate of medical bankruptcy? Blog Commentary With no Democratic support, the US House of Representatives passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s much-ballyhoo’d 2012 budget proposal on Friday, April 15, 2011. Rather than go into great detail regarding Ryan’s Path to Prosperity, I’m going to focus on one piece that could be […]

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Medical Bankruptcy in Massachusetts: Has Health Reform Made a Difference?

Health insurance coverage rates for Massachusetts debtors were higher in 2009 than in 2007 (89.0% vs 84.1%) and significantly higher than the national average in 2007 (89.0% vs 69.7%). Despite broad insurance coverage in Massachusetts after reform, bankruptcy filings due to medical costs did not decrease significantly between 2007 and 2009. There is a web […]

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March 2011: Medical Bankruptcy

The March 2011 issue of The American Journal of Medicine will have a collection of articles focusing on healthcare reform–including new research from the Harvard team that published the seminal article on the link between bankruptcy and medical bills. For a preview of AJM’s March issue, check out Dr. Joseph Alpert’s video, above. Featured diagnostic […]

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Medical Bankruptcy in the United States, 2007: Results of a National Study

In 2001 in 5 states sampled, it was found that medical problems contributed to at least 46.2% of all bankruptcies. Since then, health costs and the numbers of un- and underinsured have increased, and bankruptcy laws have tightened. Despite these factors, medical related bankruptcy increased to 62.1% of all bankruptcies in 2007. Illness and medical […]

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