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The Wrong Toothpaste and the Painful Burp

  Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is usually confined to the buccal mucosa, lips, and tongue. Rarely, the uvula may be involved. Although the disease is considered idiopathic, recurrences may be associated with the use of sodium lauryl sulfate-containing oral hygiene products. Objective To report a case of an aphthous ulcer located on the uvula, with an […]

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Treatment of Psoriasis with Mesenchymal Stem Cells

  Psoriasis is an incurable immune-mediated disease, which affects approximately 2% of the world’s population. Current treatments, including newly emerged biologic agents, have some limitations.1 Here, we report 2 cases of psoriasis vulgaris treated by umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (UC-MSCs). In these 2 cases, both of the patients remained relapse free for 4 or 5 […]

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Science of Kissing

Philematology: The Science of Kissing. A Message for the Marital Month of June A friend recently sent me a list of “kissing facts” taken from an Internet website. Having reviewed this list, it occurred to me that the information was not necessarily evidence-based. Nevertheless, because it is now June, a time when many marriages occur, […]

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American Journal of Medicine Editor Joseph Alpert

Face to Face or Cyberspace?

Face to Face or Cyberspace: Are Online Meetings Better? Before a recent meeting held for the associate and subspecialty editors of The American Journal of Medicine, a number of us discussed why it was necessary to bring our participants physically to the meeting in Arizona, since it involved considerable expense as well as time away […]

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