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Marijuana Use & Insulin Control

Novel Study Reports Marijuana Users Have Better Blood Sugar Control Current marijuana users have 16% lower fasting insulin levels compared to non-users, according to an article published by The American Journal of Medicine. Regular marijuana use is associated with favorable indices related to diabetic control, say investigators. They found that current marijuana users had significantly lower […]

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House Afire

Like a House Afire: Cardiac Sarcoidosis  It seemed like an obvious case of acute coronary syndrome—but was it really? A 36-year-old man of Sri Lankan origin presented to his local rural emergency department with severe central chest pain. He described persistent chest tightness radiating to his left arm. This had developed at rest and was […]

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Burton’s Line

Burton’s Line: A Tell Tale Sign A 39-year-old man with diabetes who had been taking ayurvedic medication for 2 years presented with loss of appetite of 2 months duration with vomiting and severe colicky abdominal pain of 1 week duration. On examination, pallor was present. Cardiovascular, respiratory, and abdominal examination results were within normal limits. […]

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Was It the Zebu?

An exotic vacation was followed by weeks of hospitalization. A 71-year-old Italian man was admitted to the infectious diseases ward after 24 hours of bloody diarrhea. This had been preceded by 3 days of severe watery diarrhea, vomiting, and cramping abdominal pain. The patient’s symptoms began on the day he arrived in Italy from a […]

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Roundup Intoxication

Herbicide Roundup Intoxication: Successful Treatment with Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Roundup (Monsanto Corporation, St. Louis, Mo) is a commercial herbicide containing glyphosate and surfactant, used primarily for killing weeds. Its key component, glyphosate, is a competitive inhibitor of the shikimate pathway, a metabolic pathway found only in plants.1 However, serious intoxication, including lethal cases by […]

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