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A Service Commitment to Fund Your Medical Education

Student debt continues to explode, decreasing the attractiveness of a career in Medicine.1 The average US medical student graduates with about $190,000 in student loans,2 and many are even further in hock. The average Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) graduates even deeper in the hole, with $240,000 of student loans.3 Or, marry another medical student and double your […]

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Organic Chem or Nutrition as a Pre-Med Requirement?

Success in an undergraduate course in organic chemistry is one of the master keys needed to unlock the door to medical school. Organic chemistry became a requirement for admission to allopathic medical schools in 1930.1 In 2015 it continues to be required by 84% of allopathic medical schools and is recommended by an additional 11%.2 It is […]

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Premed Requirements: The Time for Change Is Long Overdue!

Each fall, thousands of eager students head off to college with the dream that they will become physicians or other health care professionals. Unfortunately, the dream will come true only for a minority. What happens to the rest of the dreamers? They run afoul of the premed requirements, or if they manage to master the […]

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