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Online Educational Video Improves Bowel Preparation and Reduces the Need for Repeat Colonoscopy

  Unsatisfactory bowel preparation has been reported in up to 33% of screening colonoscopies. Patients’ lack of understanding about how a good bowel preparation can be achieved is one of the major causes. Patient education has been explored as a possible intervention to improve this important endpoint and has yielded mixed results. We compared the […]

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Thomas Boyer, MD, AJM Associate Editor

Searching for the Holy Grail

The Search for the Holy Grail: Doing More with Less In the movie Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail when Jones and others are confronted with numerous cups, only one of which is the Grail, the advice of the old Knight Templar is to “choose wisely.” In the movie, the cup that is least appealing […]

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Are Oral Sodium Phosphate Products for Bowel Clensing Safe for the General Population?

Screening colonoscopy after the age of 50 years has become the standard method for prevention of colon or rectal malignancies. Although the procedure itself is not unbearable, dread associated with the preceding bowel preparation process often results in postponement of the procedure. For years researchers have sought the optimum bowel preparation; it seems that oral […]

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