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Menthol-Flavored Cigarettes: Potentially a Strong Trigger of Acute Eosinophilic Pneumonia

Menthol-flavored cigarettes recently have received significant attention. Lower quit rates and higher relapse rates of smoking in people who smoke menthol-flavored cigarettes have been demonstrated.1 Additional disadvantages of menthol cigarettes also might exist. We present a lesson learned from a case we experienced: Menthol cigarette smoking might be a stronger trigger of acute eosinophilic pneumonia compared […]

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The Wrong Toothpaste and the Painful Burp

  Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is usually confined to the buccal mucosa, lips, and tongue. Rarely, the uvula may be involved. Although the disease is considered idiopathic, recurrences may be associated with the use of sodium lauryl sulfate-containing oral hygiene products. Objective To report a case of an aphthous ulcer located on the uvula, with an […]

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Coughing Up a Diagnosis

Coughing Up a Diagnosis: A Cavitary Lung Lesion with Worsening Eosinophilia A 37-year-old woman from Botswana appeared to have community-acquired pneumonia, but in fact, she had a more exotic infection. She was hospitalized with a productive cough and dyspnea of 2 days’ duration. Right lower lobe consolidation was seen on a chest x-ray. Her past […]

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A Blast from the Past

Common complaints tend to be explained by common conditions, but sometimes that assumption is wrong. A 56-year-old man presented with cough, skin lesions, and left knee pain. Five months earlier, he had developed a cough that occasionally produced blood-tinged sputum. A smoker, he was told he had bronchitis, for which he received courses of levofloxacin, […]

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