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The Missing Antibody: The Pitfalls of ANCA Testing

A 44-year-old white woman presented to the hospital with acute shortness of breath while on a flight back to England from a holiday in Turkey. She denied having a productive cough, hemoptysis, or chest or calf pain. She was asthmatic, and her symptoms were improved by repeated administration of her salbutamol inhaler during the flight. […]

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Menthol-Flavored Cigarettes: Potentially a Strong Trigger of Acute Eosinophilic Pneumonia

Menthol-flavored cigarettes recently have received significant attention. Lower quit rates and higher relapse rates of smoking in people who smoke menthol-flavored cigarettes have been demonstrated.1 Additional disadvantages of menthol cigarettes also might exist. We present a lesson learned from a case we experienced: Menthol cigarette smoking might be a stronger trigger of acute eosinophilic pneumonia compared […]

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Pneumococcal Meningitis and Endocarditis: A Case Report

A 52-year-old man, with a history of active smoking and alcohol abuse, was admitted to hospital for a febrile coma. He had complained of headaches with fever and chills for a few days before admission. Behavioral disorders and seizures were observed. The clinical examination revealed bilateral miosis and a stiff neck. Status epilepticus required intubation […]

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