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A Tale of Two Valves

To the Editor: Radiation heart disease is associated with a high level of morbidity and mortality. Its natural history is not well understood. Its management is difficult. We report a case of radiation heart disease with dramatic disease progression over 11 years, captured on echocardiography. Case Report A 66-year-old woman presented with increasing dyspnea on […]

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Radiation Effects on Cognitive Function Among Atomic Bomb Survivors Exposed at or After Adolescence

Background The objective of this study was to investigate radiation effects on longitudinal pre-dementia cognitive decline among participants who developed dementia as well as on those who did not develop dementia during follow-up. Methods Measuring cognitive function with the Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument approximately every 2 years, we followed 1844 atomic bomb survivors participating in […]

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painting of nuclear bomb cloud

Good News About Radiation Effects???

In this issue of The American Journal of Medicine, Yamada et al found no effects on the decline in cognitive function among atomic bomb survivors exposed at or after adolescence. In recent years, clinicians have been increasingly bombarded with information about the harmful effects of radiation exposure, so it is novel to receive some apparent good news about […]

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Chasing Pulmonary Emboli

Chasing Pulmonary Emboli: Let’s Agree on One Big Thing Clinical practice guidelines can be great. It’s nice to have guidelines for the diagnosis, management, and long-term care objectives for basically every condition known to medicine. Clinical practice guidelines are supposed to be the foundation of 21st century evidence-based medicine. But clinicians frequently do not follow […]

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Rational Policy, Irrational Science

Medical Radiation Safety: Rational Policy, Irrational Science In general, it is difficult to summarize the state of knowledge in an entire field in a brief editorial. But the sum of our knowledge about the biological effects of low-level medical radiation upon humans is so small, I have no hesitation in doing so. Before the screaming […]

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