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Venturing Out on a Limb: Axillary Web Syndrome

  Axillary web syndrome is a poorly understood cause of morbidity after lymph node surgery characterized by visible or palpable cords in the involved axilla extending down into the medial arm and forearm, often accompanied by a sensation of tightness, limitation of movement, and pain. Axillary web syndrome was first described in 2001 as a […]

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Mastectomy without Anesthesia: The Cases of Abigail Adams Smith and Fanny Burney

Elizabeth Edwards (1949-2010) survived breast cancer for 6 years. She had the benefits of modern medical science, including anesthesia and painkillers. Despite her disease, Edwards published 2 bestsellers and shared upbeat messages on Facebook about her fate. Two hundred years ago, before the discovery of anesthesia by ether and painkilling pharmaceuticals, the odds of dying […]

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