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pregnant woman getting check up

High Prevalence and Clinical/Sociodemographic Correlates of Miscarriages Among Flight Attendants

There are many occupational health hazards associated with long hours of air travel, including cosmic radiation exposure, circadian rhythm disruptions, prior and secondhand smoke exposure, for flight attendants who flew before smoking bans were initiated in the 1990s. Previous studies in flight attendants have found increased incidence of breast cancer and melanoma. However, there is […]

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Adherence to Oral Contraception in Women on Category X Medications

Despite the added risk associated with unintended pregnancy, many women who receive Category X medications have refill patterns suggesting nonadherence to oral contraception. Compared with all women age 18-44, women receiving teratogenic medications do not have better adherence to oral contraception. Abstract Background Over 6% of women become pregnant when taking teratogenic medications, and contraceptive […]

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