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Dr. Joseph S. Alpert

Emotional States and Sudden Death

It has been known anecdotally for thousands of years that acute positive or negative emotions can trigger sudden death. Indeed, there is even a Bible story about a man who died suddenly when confronted with a rebuke from one of Jesus’s disciples: “St. Luke reports that when Ananias was charged by Peter, ‘You have not […]

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A Cryptic Case: Isolated Cerebral Mucormycosis

A Cryptic Case: Isolated Cerebral Mucormycosis Presentation A rare infection raging within the brain of a 50-year-old African-American man was impossible to diagnose until after his death. He presented to the emergency department after the acute onset of garbled speech, confusion, right-arm weakness, and right facial droop. His medical history was significant for poorly controlled […]

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American Journal of Medicine Editor Joseph Alpert

Hey, Doc, How Much Longer Am I Going to Live?

The question in the title is one that patients commonly express these days. This certainly is a change in outlook compared with attitudes present when I was a resident more than 40 years ago. At that distant time, patients and family were often fearful of asking this question because they expected the stereotypical response, “You […]

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