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The Lifespan of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is now more commonplace in clinical medicine owing largely to improvements in sequencing technology. Genetic results enable greater diagnostic certainty with important prognostic and therapeutic implications. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the longitudinal relationship created between the provider, the patient, and his or her family. This relationship can extend long beyond the […]

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Genetically Informed Medicine

  As many readers will remember from an earlier editorial entitled “What’s in a Word? Using Words Carefully,”1 I pointed out the danger in using words without first carefully considering the implications of the written or spoken terms for individuals and for society. In this editorial, I described one of my patients who had mistakenly been […]

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Appropriateness: A Key to Enabling the Use of Genomics in Clinical Practice?

President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative is poised to generate genome sequence data from 1 million Americans. However, such data are not yet routinely used in clinical care. It is time to formulate strategies for clinical decision making and policy around genomic information. We argue that appropriateness can help bridge the evidence gaps that have opened between patients’ genomes […]

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