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Trends in Prolonged Hospitalizations in the United States from 2001 to 2012

Health policy debate commonly focuses on frequently hospitalized patients, but less research has examined trends in long-stay patients, despite their high cost, effect on availability of hospital beds, and physical and financial implications for patients and hospitals. Methods Using the National Inpatient Sample, a nationally representative sample of acute care hospitalizations in the US, we […]

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Your Patient Is Now Reading Your Note: Opportunities, Problems, and Prospects

Patients have unprecedented online access to their medical records. More than 6 million Americans can now read their doctors’ notes via patient portals, and continued rapid growth is likely. Sharing notes with patients may yield important health benefits, including increased patient empowerment and improved medication adherence. Seeing written information, including notes, helps patients remember the plan of […]

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Update in Outpatient General Internal Medicine: Practice-Changing Evidence Published in 2015

  Identifying new practice-changing articles is challenging. To determine the 2015 practice-changing articles most relevant to outpatient general internal medicine, 3 internists independently reviewed the titles and abstracts of original articles, synopses of single studies and syntheses, and databases of syntheses. For original articles, internal medicine journals with the 7 highest impact factors were reviewed: New […]

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Diagnostic Utility of Food Terminology

Physicians use food to describe the body: Analogies add flavor, provide a lingua franca for description, and offer a mnemonic. Presenting medicine in food descriptors makes a boundless field easier to digest. We present a selection of food terms pertaining to physical diagnosis. Skin Food terminology provides a tasteful way to describe sometimes unsightly cutaneous disorders. Warts […]

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