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Cardiac Myeloid Sarcoma: Multimodality Radiologic Imaging Features and Pathologic Correlation

A 69-year-old man presented to our hospital with shortness of breath and cough. He had a history of essential hypertension but no known significant cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. Almost 1 year before the patient was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia with detectable mutations of the nucleophosmin 1 (NPM1) and FLT3 internal tandem duplication (FLT3-ITD) gene. […]

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A Diagnosis at Hand: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

A classic physical examination finding pointed to underlying disease in a 43-year-old Hispanic woman. On presenting to the Emergency Department, she reported progressive shortness of breath, fatigue, and chest pressure. One month earlier, she could exercise without limitation. However, in the ensuing interval, she developed increasing dyspnea and constant, nonexertional, left-sided chest pressure. A review […]

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Resistant Hypertension and the Pivotal Role for Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists: A Clinical Update 2016

Clinical features of resistant hypertension are described, and the importance of several risk factors undergoing clinical investigation and reappraisal are considered in this review. True resistant hypertension must be distinguished from apparent resistant hypertension, of which important causes include medication nonadherence, illicit drug use, and alcoholism. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring should be considered to rule out […]

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pregnant woman getting her blood pressure taken

Dissecting the Dilemma: Uncontrolled Hypertension in a Pregnant Patient

A 27-year-old G4P1021 African American woman presented at 9 weeks’ gestation with elevated blood pressure. The patient was otherwise asymptomatic, denying headache, vision changes, chest pain, shortness of breath, or neurologic symptoms. Her previous pregnancies were uncomplicated, with no history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. She had a 2-year history of chronic hypertension but had […]

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Hypertension, Diuretic Use, and Risk of Hearing Loss

Background Hearing loss is highly prevalent among adults in the United States. Hypertension also is common and often treated with diuretics. Hypertension may increase the risk of hearing loss by decreasing vascular supply to the stria vascularis. Use of thiazides has been anecdotally associated with hearing loss. In small studies, furosemide use has been associated […]

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