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doctor gives a physical examination of a patient

The Five-Minute Moment

In today’s hospital and clinic environment, the obstacles to bedside teaching for both faculty and trainees are considerable. As electronic health record systems become increasingly prevalent, trainees are spending more time performing patient care tasks from computer workstations, limiting opportunities to learn at the bedside. Physical examination skills rarely are emphasized, and low confidence levels, […]

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Restricting Symptoms Before and After Admission to Hospice

  Prior work has shown that symptoms leading to restrictions in daily activities are common at the end of life. Hospice is a Medicare benefit designed to alleviate distressing symptoms in the last 6 months of life. The effect of hospice on the burden of such symptoms is uncertain. Methods From an ongoing cohort study […]

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Retail Clinics: A Shift From Episodic Acute Care to Partners in Coordinated Care

The first retail clinic, offering care for common acute medical conditions, opened in a grocery store in Minneapolis in 2000.1 By 2015 there were 1900 retail clinics in the United States.2 Some have estimated that there will be 3000 retail clinics located in drug stores, grocery stores, and “big box” businesses in 2016.3 The majority are operated […]

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senior citizen

What Mediators Can Teach Physicians About Managing ‘Difficult’ Patients

Between 10% and 12% of patients are considered difficult by their treating physicians,1 indicating a widespread problem. Many physicians report feeling at a loss to know how to effectively manage challenging patient interactions.2 In extreme cases, physicians resort to refusing to treat hostile patients or dismissing them from their clinical practice. But these last-resort measures […]

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American Journal of Medicine Editor Joseph Alpert

Are There Circumstances Where I Would Refuse to Participate in Caring for a Patient?

Recently, for no obvious reason, I found myself wondering if there could ever occur a situation where I would refuse to participate in care of a specific individual. Could there be a circumstance so morally or ethically noxious that I would refuse to be involved in someone’s health care? After a week’s rumination, I decided […]

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