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Stop, You’re Making Me Blush

The physical examination is vital in assessing a patient’s presenting symptom, especially when the symptom is dermatologic in nature. However, if the dermatologic examination shows no abnormality on presentation, further measures must be completed to illicit such symptoms. In our patient, this involved provoking the physical examination finding through exercise. Case Presentation A 26-year-old woman […]

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Ludwig’s Angina

A previously healthy 33-year-old man, with a history of type 1 diabetes mellitus, underwent left lower molar extraction. Two days later, he presented to the emergency department with swelling in the left submandibular area and was subsequently treated with meperidine, codeine, and penicillin G. Two days later, after an unsuccessful resolution, he returned with bilateral […]

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Muehrcke’s Lines

A 29-year-old woman with no significant medical history developed anasarca over the course of approximately 2 weeks. On the basis of renal biopsy, a diagnosis of minimal change disease was made. Her nephrotic syndrome was poorly responsive to steroid therapy, and despite high doses of prednisone of up to 120 mg/d, her serum albumin and […]

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Nailing the Diagnosis!

Physical examination plays a crucial role in patient evaluation by confirming the hypotheses during history taking, suggesting new clues, and directing investigations. We describe how the recognition of a nail abnormality led us to the recognition of the cause of long-standing lymphedema and pleural effusion. Clinical Summary A 41-year-old male farmer presented with dyspnea and […]

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