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A Rare Diagnosis of a Thyroid Mass

  A 21-year-old woman presented with a neck mass, heat intolerance, and palpitations for the previous 2 weeks. She was found to have a diffusely enlarged thyroid gland and tachycardia on examination. Thyroid-stimulating hormone, triiodothyronine (T3), and thyroxine (T4) were elevated, and radioactive iodine uptake study showed poor uptake. Subacute thyroiditis was treated with a […]

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Major Crush

Major Crush: a Solitary Fibrous Pleural Tumor A 78-year-old woman’s diagnosis truly weighed heavily on her heart. The patient presented with a history of increasing dyspnea over the previous 2 months, and this was accompanied by a dry cough and occasional right scapular pain. She denied fever, sweats, or weight loss. Her medical history included […]

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