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Computed tomography of the chest demonstrated bilateral pulmonary nodules.

Not All It’s CrAged Up to Be: Disseminated Cryptococcosis

Phenomena known as cognitive biases, when applied to the details of a patient’s medical history, evidently steered the first attempts at diagnosis in the wrong direction. A 60-year-old man presented after 6 weeks of progressively worsening fevers, weight loss, malaise, night sweats, and confusion. Originally, the fevers were intermittent and low grade at 37.7°C (99.9°F). […]

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Adherence to PIOPED II Investigators’ Recommendations for Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography

Non-adherence to recommendations for CT pulmonary angiography is common and exposes patients to increased risks, including potential false positive diagnoses of pulmonary embolism. Abstract  Background  Computed tomography (CT) pulmonary angiography use has increased dramatically, raising concerns for patient safety. Adherence to recommendations and guidelines may protect patients. We measured adherence to the recommendations of Prospective […]

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Robert G. Stern, MD, AJM Specialty Editor

Chasing Pulmonary Emboli

Chasing Pulmonary Emboli: Let’s Agree on One Big Thing Clinical practice guidelines can be great. It’s nice to have guidelines for the diagnosis, management, and long-term care objectives for basically every condition known to medicine. Clinical practice guidelines are supposed to be the foundation of 21st century evidence-based medicine. But clinicians frequently do not follow […]

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Overuse off Head CT Scans

AJM in the News: Overuse of Head CT Scans? Are emergency room physicians over-prescribing head CT scans for atraumatic headaches? The April 2012 of The American Journal of Medicine features research pointing to wide variability in the use of head CT scans. A group of Harvard researchers hypothesized that there is a significant variation in […]

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Patterns of Care and Outcomes After Computed Tomography Scans for Headache

Due to the potential risk of cancer from exposure to ionizing radiation, efforts should be made to avoid CT scanning for headache when the likelihood of serious illness is low. Evidence-based decision rules that identify which patients with headache do not require neuroimaging may decrease the use of CT scans in situations of little benefit. […]

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