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A, Single variably hypopigmented papule over the left upper eye. B, Multiple hyperpigmented maculopapular rash over the neck. C, Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbosacral spine reveals a mottled appearance of the bone marrow on the T1-weighted images. D, CT scan of the chest reveals multiple scattered nodules over both lung fields uniformly distributed without any zonal preference. E, Multiple similar-appearing noncaseating epithelioid granulomas were observed on bone marrow biopsy.

The Great Masquerader Strikes Again!

To the Editor: A 42-year-old man presented with symptoms of severe low-back pain that was aggravated by activity and bending. He also reported sharp pains radiating down the back of the right thigh. In addition, he had an occasional mild cough with yellowish-gray sputum production. He denied any weight loss, night sweats, fevers, or chills. […]

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Time to Clinically Relevant Fracture Risk Scores in Postmenopausal Women

Clinical practice guidelines recommend use of fracture risk scores for screening and pharmacologic treatment decisions. The timing of occurrence of treatment-level (according to 2014 National Osteoporosis Foundation guidelines) or screening-level (according to 2011 US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines) fracture risk scores has not been estimated in postmenopausal women. Methods We conducted a retrospective competing […]

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Models of mediation and moderation analyses. Models of used for PROCESS to theoretically assess mediation and moderation of the effects of heavy cannabis use on bone mineral density outcomes.

Heavy Cannabis Use Is Associated With Low Bone Mineral Density and an Increased Risk of Fractures

To investigate possible associations between recreational cannabis use and bone health in humans. Methods Cross-sectional study of individuals recruited from primary care in the UK between 2011 and 2013. Cases were regular smokers of cannabis divided into moderate (n = 56) and heavy user (n = 144) subgroups depending on whether they reported fewer or more than […]

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