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The Importance of Being Curious

A stand-alone attribute by most accounts, curiosity has much to offer the healing profession. Indispensable to any analytic efforts of a diagnostician, epistemic curiosity (also known as cognitive or intellectual curiosity) can hardly be overlooked. No other quality can be counted on to rationalize seemingly insoluble clinical constellations. No other trait is likely to connect […]

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Burden of 30-Day Readmissions Associated With Discharge Against Medical Advice Among Inpatients in the United States

Discharges against medical advice are common among inpatients in the United States. The impact of discharge against medical advice on readmission rates and subsequent hospitalization outcomes is uncertain. We sought to ascertain the effect of discharge against medical advice on 30-day readmission rates and outcomes of readmission. Methods We used the 2014 Nationwide Readmissions Database […]

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Building Trust in the Profession: What Can We Learn from Choosing Wisely?

  The Choosing Wisely campaign sought to prompt physician–patient conversations about unnecessary care. At its 2012 launch, physicians and patients felt uncomfortable about “denying” even unnecessary or potentially harmful care. Opponents of the Affordable Care Act raised fears of rationing and death panels. Physicians and patients had long mistrusted the motives of third parties, including […]

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The Rise of Documentation and the Destruction of Modern Medicine

The doctor–patient relationship has remained a central theme in the art of medicine since Hippocrates. Investing time into this relationship ensures trust and communication between both parties during a patient’s most vulnerable moments. Unfortunately, however, it seems as if the doctor–patient interaction has been gradually declining over time. The widespread implementation and dissemination of the […]

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Team-Based Primary Care for the Multimorbid Patient: Matching Complexity With Complexity

Complex, multimorbid patients are individuals within whom multiple chronic diagnoses (usually, more than two)1intersect additional complications—diminished function, cognitive impairment, homelessness, or substance abuse, for example. As many as one third of patients are multimorbid, with correlates of socioeconomic deprivation, increasing health services utilization, and mental health comorbidity.2 The growing scope and scale of care for complex, […]

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Annals of Communication: ’Giving a Patient a Diagnosis‘ and Other Idioms in Development

Communication is at the heart of the medical enterprise. We doctors share our research and our interpretations of that research in words. We use words to learn about the concerns of our patients and record our impressions, our findings, and our plans; words to share with patients and families what we have discovered, how we […]

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