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Point-of-Care Ultrasound for the Assessment of Digital Clubbing

  Digital clubbing, a resultant finding from the proliferation of connective tissue in the terminal portion of fingers or toes, has long been recognized as a sign for a number of underlying infectious, inflammatory, malignant, and vascular conditions.1 A profile angle >176° and a hyponychial angle >192° support the diagnosis of clubbing.1Quantification of these angles can […]

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Terry’s Nails: A Window to Systemic Diseases

Despite the enormous involvement of imaging tools in medicine, a focused physical examination still plays a pivotal role in all medical fields. During and after taking history, a detailed inspection and examination of the patient will direct to further key diagnostic tools. A wealth of information can be gained from shaking hands and examining the […]

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Muehrcke’s Lines

A 29-year-old woman with no significant medical history developed anasarca over the course of approximately 2 weeks. On the basis of renal biopsy, a diagnosis of minimal change disease was made. Her nephrotic syndrome was poorly responsive to steroid therapy, and despite high doses of prednisone of up to 120 mg/d, her serum albumin and […]

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Nailing the Diagnosis!

Physical examination plays a crucial role in patient evaluation by confirming the hypotheses during history taking, suggesting new clues, and directing investigations. We describe how the recognition of a nail abnormality led us to the recognition of the cause of long-standing lymphedema and pleural effusion. Clinical Summary A 41-year-old male farmer presented with dyspnea and […]

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