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Hyperpigmentation of the skin and nails is evident in this dorsal view of the patient's hands.

On the Palms of His Hands: ACTH-Induced Hyperpigmentation

The prominent hyperpigmentation marking a patient’s skin was tied to his worsening diabetes mellitus type 2, though the connection was not immediately obvious. Five months prior to presenting to our institution, a 31-year-old man, whose diabetes type 2 had been well controlled for a long period of time, was evaluated in a private endocrinology practice […]

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Into Thin Air: Shrinking Lung Syndrome

When chest percussion revealed diminished lung volumes in a 52-year-old African American woman, her diagnostic possibilities expanded. The patient, hospitalized with fever, progressive dyspnea, and diffuse joint pain, felt well until 11 months earlier. At that time, she began a course of peginterferon alfa-2, ribavirin, and boceprevir for hepatitis C acquired from a blood transfusion. Five […]

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