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America’s Health Care System is Broken: What Went Wrong and How We Can Fix It. Part 2: Health Insurance

Unlike most Western democracies, health insurance in the United States is provided by a haphazard mix of employer-based plans, Medicare for those over age 65 years or on social security disability or with chronic renal failure, Medicaid under varying state-dependent rules for some low-income recipients, and no insurance for tens of millions. Administrative costs, which […]

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America’s Health Care System Is Broken: What Went Wrong and How We Can Fix It. Introduction to the Series

Over the last half-century, medical science has dramatically improved throughout the world. Although costs have risen in all western countries as new technologies have been widely adopted, costs in the United States have risen much more than they have in any other country. Despite using fewer resources (eg, numbers of physicians and nurses, hospital beds) […]

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Healthcare Disparities Affecting Americans in the US Territories: A Century-Old Dilemma

In 1917, the Jones Act granted US citizenship to natives of Puerto Rico, the first among the 5 territories acquired by the United States since 1898.1 A dilemma in that early period—“Does the Constitution follow the flag?”—was addressed in several cases considered by the Supreme Court between 1901 and 1932, known as the “Insular Cases.”2 These decisions ultimately […]

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HealthCare 2020

48% of US Population Will Have Chronic Disease by 2020

  Chronic disease accounts for 7 of every 10 deaths in the United States and more than 75% of total health care costs. Among people 65 years old and older, over 92% suffer from one or more chronic diseases. By 2020, it is estimated that 48% of the total population will have chronic disease. In […]

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