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(A) Cauliflower-like lesion growing in the right nasal vestibule and occluding the naris; (B) papillary architecture with hyperkeratosis of the overlying squamous epithelium; (C) koilocytosis, which is characteristic of active viral replication; and (D) invasive carcinoma beyond the basement membrane (black arrow), consisting of irregular nests of hyperchromatic cells showing squamous differentiation and focal mitotic figures (black asterisks).

Intranasal Condyloma Acuminatum with Malignant Transformation

A 48-year-old man with a growing mass in the right naris and epistaxis for 6 months visited our department in August 2016. He had a history of diabetes mellitus and psoriasis. We observed a cauliflower-like lesion in the right nasal vestibule (Figure A), extending to the septum and nasal floor. Nasopharyngoscopy revealed that the nasopharynx, oropharynx, […]

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