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(A) Computed tomography coronary angiography showing the characteristic multifocal “string of beads” appearance with beading (arrows) that represents areas of stenosis alternating with dilatation. (B) Coronary angiography image showing the exact location (arrows) where the drug-eluting stents were placed. LAD = left anterior descending artery; LCx = left circumflex artery; RCA = right coronary artery.

Chest Pain in a 39-Year-Old Man: What Could Be the Underlying Cause?

  A 39-year-old man with unremarkable past medical history, but with a positive family history for coronary artery disease, was admitted to the hospital because of persistent arterial hypertension and sudden-onset chest pain in the mid-substernal region with neck radiation. Assessment Results from physical examination were unremarkable. The 12-lead electrocardiogram and the cardiac biomarkers were […]

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An orthopantomogram showed bilateral enlarged styloid processes. The arrows point to the enlongated styloid process.

An Unusually Long Process: Eagle Syndrome

For a tiny subset of patients, an anomaly in the skull’s architecture can precipitate significant symptoms. That was true for a 34-year-old woman who presented with a 5-month history of diffuse neck pain that increased with movement. For the previous 3 months, discomfort was associated with the feeling that she had a lump in the […]

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