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Does Testerone Supplementation Impact Heart Disease Risk? (video)

Does testosterone supplementation impact heart disease risk? The March 2017 issue of the American Journal of Medicine includes a new meta-analysis that looks at the use of testosterone supplements and cardiovascular disease risk. In this video Dr. Joseph S. Alpert talks about testosterone supplements and risk. Read the Research: Cardiovascular Risks of Exogenous Testosterone Use […]

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Risk of bias assessment of the included randomized controlled trials using the Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool.

Cardiovascular Risks of Exogenous Testosterone Use Among Men (videos)

We sought to evaluate whether exogenous testosterone therapy is associated with increased risk of serious cardiovascular events as compared with other treatments or placebo. Methods Study selection included randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and observational studies that enrolled men aged 18 years or older receiving exogenous testosterone for 3 or more days. The primary outcomes were […]

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Muscle mass loss estimated by using mixed-effect models analysis adjusted for age according to the investigated risk factors: (A) leisure physical activity (dotted line: ≥15 h/wk, solid line: <15 h/wk), (B) apparent free testosterone concentration (dotted line: ≥75 pmol/L, solid line: <75 pmol/L ), (C) parathyroid hormone concentration (dotted line: <45 pg/mL, solid line: ≥45 pg/mL), (D) diabetes (dotted line: nondiabetics, solid line: diabetics).

Predictive Parameters of Accelerated Muscle Loss in Men—MINOS Study

Background Aging-related muscle loss is a public health problem. We investigated the association of lifestyle and hormonal factors with a prospectively assessed muscle loss in older men. Methods Among 608 home-dwelling men, aged 60-85 (mean 68) years, lifestyle and health status were evaluated through a questionnaire. Appendicular skeletal muscle mass was estimated using dual-energy x-ray […]

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