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Why California’s Proposition 61 Was a Bad Idea

New approaches to control state pharmaceutical costs are needed.1 This issue is particularly critical in California, the state with the largest pharmaceutical expenditures in the country.1 A controversial California ballot initiative aimed at reining in prescription drug expenditures was defeated on November 8, 2016 by a 54% to 46% margin.2The California Drug Price Relief Act, also known […]

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Physician Exposure to Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Marketing

The American Medical Association’s 2015 recommendation to ban direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs reflected a strong consensus that this form of marketing is a significant contributor to increased drug costs. It is well documented that many patients request drugs they have seen advertised on television and that physicians often acquiesce to these requests.1, 2, 3, 4 But the […]

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Ghostwriting & Misconduct

Ghostwriting: Research Misconduct, Plagiarism, or Fool’s Gold? Traditionally, personal integrity and professional accountability have guaranteed appropriate authorship of biomedical journal articles. However, recent controversies, including exposés of ghostwriting and guest authorship, have shown the fallibility of this trust. Ghostwriting, the practice whereby individuals make significant contributions to writing a manuscript but are not named as […]

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William H. Frishman, MD

The Patient–Physician–Industry–Government Partnership: A Societal Good

I recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of my graduation from medical school at a class reunion in Boston. While reminiscing with my former classmates about the joys and tribulations of living as a student during the 1960s, a discussion arose regarding what was available to us then in the area of pharmacotherapeutics compared with what […]

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Doctors and the Drug Industry: Further Thoughts for Dealing with Potential Conflicts of Interest?

In February, 2005, The American Journal of Medicine published my commentary concerning the relationship between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. The subject of satire for centuries, the close economic connections between doctors and druggists or apothecaries has taken a new form in the 21st century. Contemporary global discussions involve attempts to define ethically appropriate behavior […]

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