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Incentivizing $ Adherence

Financial Reinforcers for Improving Medication Adherence: Findings from a Meta-analysis

Increasingly, financial reinforcement interventions based on behavioral economic principles are being applied in health care settings, and this study examined the use of financial reinforcers for enhancing adherence to medications.

Electronic databases and bibliographies of relevant references were searched, and a meta-analysis of identified trials was conducted. The variability in effect size and the impact of potential moderators (study design, duration of intervention, magnitude of reinforcement, and frequency of reinforcement) on effect size were examined.

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–Nancy M. Petry, PhD, Carla J. Rash, PhD, Shannon Byrne, PhD, Shehryar Ashraf, MD, William B. White, MD

–This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue of The American Journal of Medicine

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