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New Year’s Resolution: Only Exercise on the Days You Eat

exercise-stockHow often should I exercise, doc?

“Only exercise on the days you eat,” is the advice Dr. Joseph S. Alpert, editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Medicine, gives his cardiology patients.

In the spirit of this advice, here is a compilation of recent research and commentary on the importance of regular exercise.

Exercise Is Just as Important as Your Medication
Dr. Alpert’s Top 10 take-home messages regarding exercise and heart disease.

Exercise as a Therapeutic Intervention in Patients with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease: An Underfilled Prescription 
Regular exercise is arguably one of the most cost-effective yet underused interventions for patients with heart disease.

Protective Effect of Regular Physical Activity on Depression After Myocardial Infarction: The HUNT Study 
egular physical activity could have a long-term protective effect after heart attack.

Exercise and Health: Dose and Response, Considering Both Ends of the Curve
Over the past 60 years, an enormous body of data has demonstrated that exercise is good for health. This article reviews the health response to exercise, with particular attention to the body’s minimum daily requirement and to the maximum amount that is safe and effective.

Exercise Is Associated with a Reduced Incidence of Sleep-disordered Breathing
Regular exercise can reduce the incidence of mild to moderate sleep-disordered breathing.

Obesity, Abdominal Obesity, Physical Activity, and Caloric Intake in US Adults: 1988 to 2010
Are Americans too sedentary? This research shows a disturbing trend toward no leisure time activities among Americans–particularly young women.

Move More, Eat Less: It’s Time for Americans to Get Serious About Exercise 
What is the societal context for Americans’ lack of leisure time activities?

The ‘Springer Gene’: Combating Familial Obesity with Technology and Exercise
One woman’s quest to overcome her destiny.

When and How to Recommend ‘Alternative Approaches’ in the Management of High Blood Pressure 
Despite numerous formal diet and lifestyle recommendations, the prevalence of hypertension continues to grow. This article reviews alternative approaches to lowering blood pressure, including exercise.

Watch out for exercising too vigorously for too long…

Fatal Water Intoxication and Cardiac Arrest in Runners During Marathons: Prevention and Treatment Based on Validated Clinical Paradigms 

High Incidence of Hyponatremia in Rowers During a Four-week Training Camp 



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