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Cardiologists Receive Little Nutrition Education in Med School (video)

Writing in the American Journal of Medicine, Devries et al reported that “a large proportion of cardiovascular specialists have received minimal medical education and training in nutrition, and current trainees continue to experience significant education and training gaps.” In the video, AJM Editor-in-Chief Joseph S. Alpert, MD, suggests that nutrition education might be more important to med students than organic chemistry, since so many diseases can be linked to poor diet and obesity. “A Deficiency of Nutrition Education and Practice in Cardiology” by by Devries et all was published in the November 2018 issue of the American Journal of Medicine. You can read it as

Here is a link to the Devries article: A Deficiency of Nutrition Education and Practice in Cardiology

And here is a link to another article on a similar topic: The Deficit of Nutrition Education of Physicians.

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