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Personomics: A New Series in the Green Journal

On an almost-daily basis, we are witnessing marvelous advances in biomedical science. Thanks to discoveries in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and in other fields, patients are increasingly receiving treatments designed to work precisely and personally for them. Yet it is also true that all the “omics” in the world cannot deliver the promise of medicine unless […]

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MsFit Shine

Fitness & Health Apps: Do They Work? (video)

Electronic gadgets make popular gifts. No doubt during this holiday season some of your patients will receive wearable fitness devices as gifts and others will start a New Year’s Resolution fitness regimen with a smartphone app. A recent article in Forbes claims that most doctors “don’t know what to do with” data that their patients […]

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Post Modern Stress Disorder: Violence & Health

With mass shootings and terrorist attacks erupting randomly around the globe– from Oregon to Paris to Beirut to Colorado Springs to San Bernadino— life at the close of 2015 is violent and stressful. Hours after a husband-wife team shot up a holiday party for public health workers in San Bernadino, the Boston Globe released a story stating that […]

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Cardiac Stress Testing

AJM Contest: ‘Best Medical Image’ Case

Every physician has seen patients whose diagnoses and the corresponding medical images are remarkable. Now The American Journal of Medicine has created a medical imaging case report competition to help you share your most fascinating cases.  All members of the international medical community are invited to submit their most extraordinary medical imaging cases for consideration. […]

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Wyoming Institute of Technology Aspergers Article Is a Spoof

The Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) recently posted a satirical piece stating that The American Journal of Medicine will be publishing an article by WIT’s Dr. Franklin Forrester on the link between Aspergers syndrome and murder. Since the Journal’s editorial office has been contacted about this fake research article, we felt the need to clarify that this story is […]

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