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Denying International Medical Graduates Entry to the United States: A Loss at Both Ends

A resident colleague of ours at the Cleveland Clinic was recently deported soon after entering the United States. This was in conjunction with the executive orders at that time that barred individuals from selected countries to enter the United States, whereas suggesting “extreme vetting” for the others. She had traveled to spend vacation time with […]

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Affordable Care Act Ruled Constitutional

SCOTUS Rules Affordable Care Act Constitutional– a Look Back Today the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) is constitutional. As Republicans vow to press on and work toward repeal of the whole act, progressives vow to work toward a public option and eventually universal healthcare coverage. Over the years, […]

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James E. Dalen, MD, AJM Associate Editor

National Health Insurance: Could It Work in the US?

The US health care system, which depends on private, for-profit health insurance, is not working. It is time for national health insurance! One would expect that the US, with its well educated population; high standard of living; well trained physicians, nurses, and other health professionals; and well equipped hospitals and diagnostic facilities would provide optimal […]

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