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Social Media and Physician Conflict of Interest

The use of social media by physicians has increased substantially in recent years, with some estimates reporting increases from 41.6% in 2010 to as high as 90% in 2011.1 While personal use is more common, approximately 65% of physicians interact with various social media platforms for professional reasons.1 For example, some physicians use social media to promote […]

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Author Self-disclosure Compared with Pharmaceutical Company Reporting of Physician Payments

Caution is advised in the interpretation of Sunshine Act data and accuracy of guideline authors’ relationships with industry. Background Industry manufacturers are required by the Sunshine Act to disclose payments to physicians. These data recently became publicly available, but some manufacturers prereleased their data since 2009. We tested the hypotheses that there would be discrepancies […]

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Stimulating the Interest for Conflicting Scientific Debates

Blog Commentary The conflict of interest issue is now a crisis of credibility for the medical profession, despite early warnings; it requires a comprehensive framework.(1) Therefore, I am seriously puzzled by some editors’ naïve pledge for reporting “potential” conflict of interest.(2) The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors never investigated the reasons why it failed […]

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Doctors and the Drug Industry: Further Thoughts for Dealing with Potential Conflicts of Interest?

In February, 2005, The American Journal of Medicine published my commentary concerning the relationship between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. The subject of satire for centuries, the close economic connections between doctors and druggists or apothecaries has taken a new form in the 21st century. Contemporary global discussions involve attempts to define ethically appropriate behavior […]

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