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Chicken Nuggets, Marijuana, & Fiber Top List of AJM Social Media Traffic

This Altmetric graphic on the journal's home page.

This Altmetric graphic on the journal’s home page.

The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads “Chicken Little” was by far the most popular article in recent months, according to Altmetric, a service that tracks social media attention garnered by research articles. (After dissecting a chicken nugget,  researchers determined “chicken” was not high on the ingredient list for nuggets.)

This graphic showing AJM’s most popular articles now appears on the Journal’s home page.

Clicking through the “view all” tab in the Altmetric box shows social media scores for a number of Journal articles. From this view, you can reach the research article itself, sharing options, and specifics about media stories, blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook  mentions for the most popular recent articles in The American Journal of Medicine. For example, the chicken nuggets story was mentioned in 852 Tweets through 839 different Twitter accounts which have a combined reach of  572,198 followers.

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