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CME: Advances in the Management of Obesity

tape measure The American Journal of Medicine is offering a new continuing medical education course: Advances in the Management of Patients with Obesity. The course is based upon highlights from the 2013 Obesity Society Annual Meeting.

Program Overview

ObesityWeek 2013 was held on November 11–16, in Atlanta, GA and presented important data for the successful management of patients with obesity. At present, healthcare practitioners have a more focused understanding of obesity as a multi-faceted illness that includes newer concepts such as healthy obese and non-healthy obese. The understanding of neuro-regulatory science and the role of dopamine and dopamine D2 receptors has evolved, allowing for the identification of new targets for pharmacotherapeutic interventions. There is also a better understanding of two distinct physiological states; acute weight loss and the long-term maintenance of weight loss. Recently, new pharmacotherapies have been FDA approved to arm clinicians with additional important tools to achieve long-term weight loss in challenging obese patients. At the same time, bariatric surgery has evolved to be a safe and effective approach for the right patient. This CME activity highlights and summarizes the importance of an interdisciplinary approach that includes neuroscience, behavior therapy, lifestyle changes, pharmacotherapy and surgical intervention to successfully care for patients with obesity.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss recent advances in obesity science and the development of novel therapies
  2. Apply the most up-to-date safety and efficacy data for currently available
    and emerging therapies for the management of patients with obesity
  3. Create individualized treatment plans and appropriate weight management
    strategies to improve patient outcomes

For faculty list, registration, and log in, go here.

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